Our process starts with listening, observing and learning about your business

With a thorough analysis and decades of know-how we plot a road map for optimization

Holding service providers accountable, validating performance levels and auditing expenditures

Freight$olver only gets paid when you save

The Process

All Freight$olver programs begin with consultations and a review of your transportation processes and budgets along with a preliminary evaluation of carrier service performance.  Gathering operational familiarity, our experts identify supply chain initiatives and goals.  We thoroughly review carrier invoicing history, rate schedules, freight compositions, capacities, transit points, seasonal effects as well as other key measurement points.  Carrier neutrality ensures that our analysis provides the best assessment of current practices while demonstrating where alternatives can ensure greater value and/or service performance.   With Freight$olver Optimization, Managed Services and Audit services, we show you how our program will save you money before you spend a dollar on us.

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