Over 25 years we've had a lot of different looks

Even if styles change with the times

We always keep up with the latest trends

But we never forget where we came from and how we got here

A Roadmap Through the History of FBI


  • Frank Elisio opens Freight Brokers International in the basement of his home.


  • FBI moves to their first office at 300 Don Park Rd, Markham, Ontario.
  • Paul Whithame is the first employee.
  • John Elisio joins his brother Frank.


  • FBI goes digital and introduces their first computer systems for operations and accounting.
  • FBI hires two additional staff members to help with demand.


  • FBI moves to a new office at 570 Hood Rd, Markham, Ontario.


  • FBI moves into a new office at 25 Valleywood Dr, Markham, Ontario.
  • FBI adds a new warehouse.


  • FBI moves over 10,000 shipments in one year.


  • FBI website (www.fbifreight.com) is launched.
  • FBI adds three new warehouses.
  • FBI moves to a new office at 111 Granton Dr., Richmond Hill, Ontario.


  • Manny Speranza and Richard Mathe join FBI as partners.


  • FBI acquires Melco Logistics, a non-asset-based freight broker in Canada.


  • FBI acquires Single Source Logistics, a non-asset-based freight broker in Canada.
  • FBI is featured in The Canadian Business Journal.
  • FBI expands their operations into mobile warehouses and builds their first custom trailers.


  • Freight Brokers International is rebranded as The FBI Group.
  • FBI hosts the first Spirit Halloween event.


  • FBI signs their 500th customer.


  • FBI integrates a mobile app powered by ULAPP to provide real-time shipment tracking, document capture and system updates.


  • FBI moves to its current office location, at 1380 Creditstone Rd., Vaughan, Ontario.
  • FBI celebrates its 25th anniversary.
  • FBI acquires third non-asset-based freight broker, Consolidated Carriers.


  • Lucas Freight Management joins The FBI Group

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