Freight$olver programs begin with NO UPFRONT COSTS and zero downside risk

Specialists analyze transportation costs and review performance history

Our non-intrusive, "carrier neutral" processes aim to maximize value and accountability

Freight$olver measures freight payables against one of the largest carrier networks in North America

Freight$olver optimization leverages available capacities with real-time spot pricing

Freight$olver purchasing power carries across a vast database of compliant and trusted carriers

Freight$olver payment management services tailored around carrier or mode-specific transactions are detailed into a single consolidated invoice


These programs focus on three areas: freight cartage cost reduction, capacity optimization as well as freight audit.  In the first program, our experts review freight budgets, provide analysis and renegotiate rates with current and alternate carriers to make service rates as competitive as possible. As part of our capacity optimization program, we replace noncompetitive transportation providers and advantage clients through our purchasing power and excess capacity utilization to lessen your transportation spend.  Freight$olver Audit is an enterprise level service analysis that ensures transportation providers invoice accurately, according to contracted rates, along with providing a level of reporting that maintains proper accountability.  

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