Legacy of Horror 2016

The FBI Group’s 4th Annual Spirit of Halloween has been our biggest yet. As part of our community outreach program we’re also pleased to support Sheila and Richard Young with their “Legacy of Horror” Halloween Haunted House. The Legacy of Horror gives local kids a safe place to enjoy the thrills of the season while raising money for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Kids. This year Legacy of Horror raised $2400.00 for the Hospital for Sick Kids. At the FBI Group we move hundreds of thousands of costumes for Spirit of Halloween throughout Canada but we’re also proud to partner with the Legacy of Horror making that special night a little more fun and scary all along supporting a great cause. Enjoy the tour through the Legacy of Horror.

FBI’s 4th Annual Spirit of Halloween Day Another Great Success

The FBI Group’s 4th Annual Spirit of Halloween “Friends of FBI” Appreciation Day was another frightening success. Thanks to everyone for showing up and a special thanks to all our youngest visitors for sharing their morning with us… rain and all.

We really enjoy having this opportunity to show our appreciation for your loyalty and friendship. We are also honoured to host this event with our great partners at Spirit of Halloween of Richmond Hill. Thanks to Greg and all your staff for helping us make the day fun for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year and hope you enjoy our video journal of the day!

Drive your business from the diamond lane with The FBI Group.

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The FBI Group is pleased to announce that it has retained the services of Left Lane Associates to assist the company with its expansion strategy. Since its inception in 1992, the company has steadily grown its freight capacities and stable of transportation partners. In 2009, with the addition of two senior partners, The FBI Group took steps to diversify its offerings by incorporating valued-added services such as white glove deliveries and custom trailer builds to its programs.

Adding specialized associates to our team and integrating enhanced technologies has enabled the company to look at more opportunities in the industry. John Elisio, Partner at The FBI Group said: “Personalized execution of day to day business remains fundamentally important to the company and is at the core of our relationship with clients. Bringing on experienced professionals like we have done with Left Lane was key to retaining our daily focus while giving us the ability to move forward with our growth strategies.” In the 3-PL space, value is difficult to measure but The FBI Group’s culture has always been what elevates and distinguishes the company from other service providers.

For its part, Left Lane Associates has a focused client that has clearly defined where they see value and how they want to execute on its plans. On being retained by The FBI Group, Mike McCarron, President and Founder of Left Lane Associates, stated: “As a former principal in a transportation company, you always want to make sure that the people you partner with strive to provide the same level of service and professionalism that you bring to your company. The work ethic, quality of service, attention to detail and leadership at The FBI Group demonstrates why they are a best in breed logistics provider.”

Over the next several months, Left Lane will be investigating merger and other growth opportunities with freight brokerages and logistics providers to create an expansion roadmap for The FBI Group.

For Inquiries
Contact: Manny Speranza, The FBI Group

The FBI Group Channel

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We want to keep you updated with the latest events at The FBI Group and that’s why we created The FBI Group YouTube channel.

While we’re moving your freight, we’re continually adding to the menu of services so that we can bring you solutions tailored to your needs.

Have a look at what’s new with The FBI Group…and subscribe to our channel!

Vrooom! Sponsorship Announcement

The FBI Group is proud to announce our sponsorship of James Vance in the upcoming Continental Tire Sports Car Championship.  James is part of the Racers Edge Motorsports team and you can find him in a Ford Mustang 302 Boss.  

James is excited to be racing once again on his home turf in Toronto, Canada. For all you racing fans, check him out July 9 to 12, 2015 at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Bowmanville, Ontario.  

 The FBI team is thrilled to support James for the third year in a row. For more information regarding the race or tickets, contact 


“This will be my third year in partnership with The FBI Group and I could not be happier.  When you walk into an office and feel the energy and buzz that’s going on, you know you’re in good hands.  As my career has grown, I  have been able to see their business grow too. It is an absolute pleasure for me to represent the company on the professional sports stage, especially at our respective home event. I think it is something really special and I look forward to continuing to work with every single person under The FBI Group umbrella for years to come.” – James Vance, 2015





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A New Look for The FBI Group

As we launch our new web site, the FBI Group reflects on our history. We first opened our doors to Freight Brokers International in the fall of ‘94. It’s been over 20 years and our journey has only just begun.

Today, FBI stands as the leading provider of unique, innovative and intelligent transportation solutions. Our success is attributed to listening to our customers and as a result, we’ve grown beyond trucking and transportation.

Along with FBI’s unparalleled trucking and transportation services, our newest divisions for Specialized Services of Trade Show Point­-to­Point Setups and Custom Design Builds have been growing at an exponential rate. We’ll continue listening to our customers in an effort to help them achieve their goals.

Our philosophy is simple. We listen. We get to know you, what you need and provide the logistics to make it happen. FBI prides itself in providing the attention to detail your business deserves. Our unique and innovative services work together with a team dedicated to finding you the best solution. We strive to earn your business and exceeding your expectations is always our goal.

Honesty, intelligence and the value of solid business relationships are the things that drive our enthusiasm every day. With FBI, you always receive the dependability of knowing someone will always answer the phone and get you an answer – today.

Our journey only has just begun. We look forward to learning from our customers what the next 20 years will look like. No matter the direction, we’ll be there supporting our customers every step of the way.

FBI…Intelligent Transportation Solutions


FBI and SickKids Foundation Halloween Effort

We are pleased to support The SickKids Foundation and applaud the efforts of Rick Young to bring Halloween to life for hundreds of children in the Markham community.

“We are so excited to have The FBI Group as our newest sponsor. A huge THANK YOU to The FBI Group for your generous donation. We’re dedicated to helping The SickKids Foundation, and only together, we can make a difference.”

– Rick Young

Step deck Trailers: What you need to know

As a freight broker, we are often requested to provide customers with specialized equipment to haul their over sized loads all over North America. With any flatbed movements, capacity is tight and can be a challenge to coordinate pick up and delivery times to meet customers requirements. It’s paramount that the load is properly qualified to ensure you are booking the proper truck. Here is some important information to consider before booking a step deck.

  • dims of equipment/goods
  • total weight
  • how will shipper load onto trailer
  • does it require a tarp/strapping
  • if over-sized, permits may be required (state to state can vary)

The standard step deck is 48′ in length. However, some of the new step decks that are coming out in the market are 53′ in length and offer much more flexibility for shippers. Most of the 53′ aluminum step deck trailers are lighter in weight allowing more weight to be hauled. The most significant advantage for the shipper is the legal load height the stepdeck presents – most step decks are 36″ to 40″ off the ground vs. the 60″ height a standard flatbed presents. The lower step decks allow legal loads to be as high as 10′ 6″! Keep in the mind that the load from ground to the top of your freight can not exceed 13′ 6″.

There are many factors involved in the hauling of specialized equipment, as such, the better you qualify your load, the less likely you will have something go wrong and add additional cost to your transportation.

Contact us today to learn more about our Specialized Equipment options: 1-800-419-8486

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Canadian-U.S. Intermodal Transportation: Full Steam Ahead

As trade between Canada and the United States continues to grow, trucking companies are partnering with railroads to provide additional transportation solutions to ship freight across the U.S.-Canadian borders.

Shippers continue to shift from over the road service to intermodal to help lower costs and capacity issues within the trucking industry. Truckload carriers have teamed up with railroads to take advantage of this growing trend. While length of hauls under 1200 miles remain a mainstay for over the road carriers, longer hauls of 1200+ miles are becoming the norm for cross-border Intermodal shipping.

Improvements of Intermodal services today are allowing for pre-clearance of loads, priority placement on trains and a single point of contact for visibility of shipments. Some of these changes are making vast improvements to transit times and helping bridge the gap against road service.

At FBI, we have been helping many customers reduce their overall truckload costs by up to 40% by making the switch from Road to Intermodal. With pre-booking containers, we are able to beat capacity issues and give our shippers accurate pick up ETA’s. One of the best areas of opportunity for Intermodal is from the U.S. midwest to Western Canada, due to the lack of road equipment available and surging fuel pricing.

When using Intermodal, its the shippers responsibility to ensure the load is properly braced in the container. This becomes important when the load is not full capacity, as shifting will occur during transit. Not all shippers are capable or willing to brace loads, so its a good idea to communicate with your vendor before booking a container.

Many of the Intermodal providers shipping cross border offer a variety of container sizes including 40′, 45′ & 53′ units.

In today’s challenge of reducing landed costs and remaining competitive in the North America Market, Intermodal is a great option to include in your supply chain network.

Contact us today to find out about our Intermodal Freight options. 1-800-419-8486

Inside the container

Can’t find a Truckload carrier today?

Equipment Crunch…. Why?

With a weakening economy the past fews years many truckers were forced to sideline rigs, coupled with a shortage of available drivers, rising operating costs, and a lack of adequate credit for carriers to replace aging equipment or expand their fleets—equipment count in North America is down 15 to 20 percent from their 2006 peaks.

With capacity remaining tight and demand firming after a four-year freight recession, carriers can afford to be more selective about the freight they’ll accept. They also have greater leverage when bargaining with customers over rates. For many shippers, this raises the problem of securing the capacity they need and how much they’ll have to pay for it if and when they do.

For these reasons, many customers are turning to freight brokers to help find available trucks at affordable pricing. Many small to mid sized shippers don’t have the volumes to leverage rates & equipment demands from their truckload carriers while brokers use their extensive data base of private based carriers who can help fill the capacity void and keep their goods and business running.

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Friendly, Bold and Incisive… our philosophy is simple… we listen and collaborate extensively to exceed expectations. Flexibility and decades of industry knowledge fused with advanced technology are at the core of building the right solutions. At The FBI Group being a best in class Logistics Provider is fundamental to developing and sustaining our strong business relationships.